Aisi 304 stainless steel bolt shelving.
"L" uprights 35x35 wide, 15/10 mm thick, with 9x32 perforation for stainless steel 8 ma bolt assembly.
Available in different heights: from cm 75 to cm 300.
Smooth or perforated shelves, 8/10 thick, supplied with omega-shaped reinforcement for 40-50-60 cm depths.
Available with width measurements cm 30/40/50/60 and length from cm 60 to cm 200.
Supplied with plastic feet.
Also available with wheel socket.
It is possible to assembly with single or double rod for hanging cold cuts.
Corner support system ensures that the entire shelf can be used without the obstrucion of front uprights on the corners.

Stainless steel bolt shelvinging

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Stainless steel bolt shelving

Stainless steel shelving

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